Country of 1000 beaches and funny seals, Uruguay

We spent 2 wonderful days chasing the one and only aim, to find beautiful places to visit voraciously peering into each village.

We left on Friday evening to reach Punta del Este – a very logic name for the Southernmost point of the country and then stay overnight at La Paloma.

 Punta del Este

We reached Punta del Este at 8.30 PM and we decided to take advantage of this chance to enjoy the southern sky at la Plazoleta Gran Bretaña.

Fisheye shot of South night sky

It was hard to see anything, except creepy statues of Sirens. This was the scariest thing that ever happened to me, especially at night when you do not expect to see anything but rocks and stones.  Below the picture of sunlit statues. At this point, the Rio de la Plata mixes with Atlantic ocean. The more you go to the east the more water becomes blue.



La Paloma

Early in the morning, we went to explore the terrain of la Paloma. The weather was just
I would call that place as a Seashell beach because the shore abound with any kind is shells and it is a treasure for those who collect them. IMG_7512.JPG

We could not miss visiting the lighthouse and climb it.

Lighthouse through fisheye

View to the shore from the lighthouse was fantastic. We even saw local Karlsson on the Roof.IMG_7565.JPG

Karlsson on the Roof

La Aguada and Costa Azul

After enjoying the view from the top we went to la Aguada and costa Azul which is to the east of la Paloma. If you like surfing do not miss your boards because this it the place where you will сatch the perfect wave.

La Aguada in Autumn

Young surfers in la Aguada

La Pedrera

La Pedrera also has a beautiful rocky shore. This is the place where you will find a restaurant with excellent fish.

La Pedrera

Cabo Polonio

This place does not have anything in common with Poland and was named after the first ship that came to this area. There is no electricity, tap and running water and it is the last resort for hippies. If you need a good rest from your office work consider spending all vacation enjoying nature, meditating and communicating with seals.

The coastal area and Cabo Polonio is pretty far from the main highway so you will need to take a bus which will cost you another 240 pesos per person and parking fee another 190 pesos per car. Tourists come here mainly to see seals, whales and killer whales and alternatively, you can walk 7km to the Cape.

Bus to Cabo Polonio

The village also attracts people by its colorful houses and playgrounds.

Unfortunately, all seals were basking in the sun on the other island and we could hear them and see only through the spyglass. Closer to the lighthouse we found sea lion but my camera was unable to take a picture that I could post here.

Lighthouse of Cabo Polonio
Off-road area

After climbing the lighthouse we went back to Montevideo since in the morning I had a bus to Colonia and my husband had a ferry to Buenos Aires.


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