Colors of La Boca, suburban area of Buenos Aires.

La Boca means ‘mouth’ in English. There are several versions of why this area has such name. One of them related to Italians came from the Genoese neighborhood of Bocadasse. Another version is related to the geographical position of this area:  if you look at the map you will see that La Boca is located in the ‘mouth’ of the river Matanza-Riachuelo which is currently polluted. IMG_7081_Snapseed.jpgEl barrio (district of a town) of the capital of Argentina, La Boca, is famous for its colorful houses and tango shows in which everyone can take a place. It is located in the South of downtown near old port and easily accessible from the city center by public transport.

Local School

The history of this barrio connected to the first settlers came from Italian city Genoa. There is no doubt that those same people brought beautiful tradition to color their houses is different colors.

Although the area is quite far from the city center and has a high rate of crime, La Boca attracts tourists with a couple of blocks of bright colored houses and street called Caminito.

Havanna bar

Ones you arrive there you will find beautiful embankment and hundreds of artisans and the cheapest souvenirs: hand-made magnets, drawings, shawls, wool articles and many goods that you can bring to your family and friends.

Marionet-like wire souvenirs
Master coloring hand-made magnets

The shops share the territory with living spaces. That’s why you will find sigh “Privado” on many doors. While parents are working, their small children may sleep or study. There is another world behind the doors that tourists may not see.


Souvenir shop

In Buenos Aires many dogs and many stray dogs that used to beg for food at the restaurants and cafes. You might not be impressed by the food and its quality but this is touristic area and prices at the restaurants are high.

Stray dogs
Street cafe and restaurants

There are dolls from papier mache imitating people staring at you from the balcony or doing some homework in patios.

Papier mache dolls

Beyond touristic area it is unsafe, so be aware of your cameras and purses. But you can find cheaper restaurants and even cheaper souvenirs.

Local life

La Bombonera

For football fans one more interesting place to visit, La Bombonera. Better to watch the game of Boca Juniors than taking a guided tour at the stadium.

Safety tips

La Boca is not about a night life and it is better to come back to the downtown before 5-6pm and not to stay when it is dark.

Also remember, that is tango dancer is approaching to you to have dance or photo you will have to pay. This is how they make money and if you want beautiful photo it is a fair deal but watch your belongings.

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