How to save on moving in the US

My husband and I recently moved to Los Angeles area. Since he was a student in Boston he got some furniture left from his roommates: unmatching chairs, broken couch, old office chair, absolutely unmatching dishes, cups and etc. Just a random set of belongings that are good for the very beginning but believe me the raging perfectionist inside yourself will make you feel uncomfortable. So, he brought everything from Boston to LA from one student room to one bedroom apartment and the living room had almost no furniture except the set of unmatching chairs in the middle of the room.

We had to buy furniture or search for the used items. Buying new furniture at IKEA may cost you not a single thousand of dollars and if you know that you may have to move again in the next two years makes this shopping useless since you will have to get rid of all your staff quickly so you will just sell 500$ sofa for 50$ or leave it to other tenants for free. Such a waste of money.

Below you can find some tips how to save money on moving because we went through all of this and saved money for our vacation.


Moving without a car is even harder than just moving. From one state to another it is better to use the moving services. I am not sure that it would be cheaper to travel all the way from Boston to LA having a truck.  You would probably spend more money on hotels on your way and in general, it is not the best idea.

To move within a city I would suggest renting a car or a truck through (you will get 25$ for your first ride). It works as Airbnb but for cars: the owners list their cars and you just rent them for needed time within your area. The included mileage varies starting from 100miles per day.

For moving purposes we booked Ford F-150 with 200 miles per day included. We brought bed frame, mattress, box spring, dresser, headboard, sectional sofa, 3 seat sofa and it cost us 57$ a day. You will be ripped off by the moving services for 90$ per hour (minimum 2 hours) or 180$ just to move stuff from point A to point B.


To make sure that we do not overpay for the gas we use the service called GasBuddy. It shows the gas stations with the cheapest gasoline.



Have you heard about service LetGo? It is a site for the used stuff in the US but it is more convenient than Craigslist. You can find really cheap or free items sold by people moving out of state or just clearing their storage or garage. Books, furniture, electronics, cars and anything that you might need for your living. You also can list your stuff.

Garage, yard or moving sales

Yard sale

This what I love the most because you can find a bunch of useful things is one place and bargain. People usually organize the yard or garage sales just to get rid of the stuff they do not need anymore. It is a win-win case.

The result

I could not find photos of our rooms before we decided that we need furniture but I love the result and I love our 1 bedroom apartment.

I hope that you also will save money to go to your dream destination.



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